How to Use Smore

class How to Use Smore

Get noticed with Smore.


We all have announcements to make. There are faculty meetings, club events, and so on. So how do you share this valuable info? The next time you get ready to search for a Word template and print 500 copies, consider a simple piece of free technology as an alternative. Sites like smore offer you quick templates in attractive formats so you can piece together eye-catching posters in minutes. And unlike the paper product, you can embed video. It also tracks views on a designated home page so you only have to look in one spot to see how many viewers have taken a glance.

Things to consider when using Smore:

Pros: It’s pretty! It’s also built for sharing so students can re-tweet or re-post with one click. This will help your message go further than if you taped a note to a message board by the cafeteria. Plus think about all the trees you’ll save.

Cons: Like any piece of free technology there are limitations in customization. While I give it high marks for style, you’ll tend to see the same few themes used over and over again.

Nevertheless – the price is right. After all, we’re all looking for ways to get s‘more with our money. (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.)

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