Want To School Your Kids At Home?

Since private school costs are becoming quite high, parents are turning towards home schools. At the same time, taking children out of conventional schools is a big deal and should be done with great care and research. Before you decide anything regarding homeschooling, continue reading for more information. Get in touch with other homeschooling families… Continue reading »

outsourcing for teachers

Outsourcing for Teachers – What $5 Can Buy You

It’s a lot more than you might think. With outsourcing all the rage, marketplaces for people to buy and sell small services have sprouted up all over. Many service providers are freelancers who offer services such as writing and graphic design. Small business owners can pass off programming or marketing tasks to these virtual assistants… Continue reading »


Flip Books

We’ve all seen them. A cartoonist carefully sketches images that dance about when we quickly shift through the pages. This illusion is created through minor changes in the positioning of an object on a page and they are lots of fun. They are also wonderful teaching tools and can do wonders for helping young students… Continue reading »

Young woman with tablet pc at the beach

Tech Tools Teachers Can Master From Their Beach Chair

Many teachers around the world should be taking a well-deserved break. But most won’t. Summer is often a time of catch up for educators and many will use the summer months to get a head start on fall. But for those looking to focus on professional development with their toes in the sand, here is… Continue reading »


Create Capzles

Create Capzles and turn ordinary content into interactive, flash-based timelines. The program lets you assemble videos, pictures, audio and text into one neat package. Then your material is placed over the backdrop of your choice. You can customize the font, the color scheme and even add background music to really set the tone. Once you… Continue reading »

raise money for school

Raise Money for School With KickStarter

Thousands of artists, designers, and publishers have turned to crowd sourcing to fund their projects. They post project proposals on platforms like Kickstarter and offer incentive packages to potential sponsors. These packages vary from a public thank you on a prominent Facebook page for a $5 contribution to invitations to movie premieres for much larger… Continue reading »

National Teacher Day

National Teacher Day

For National Teacher Day, the National Education Association polled 1,000 educators and asked them what the best possible “thank you” would look like. Here is what they had to say: “Trust my education and experience. Give me control over my students’ instruction and assessment” (29.1%) “Stop the standardized testing mania (28.06%) “Pay me the salary I… Continue reading »